Professional Counseling Offices

When Professional Counseling Offices was established in the 1970’s by a family therapist and a psychologist, it was their inspiration to exchange ideas and share resources so clients would have the best support they could offer. We offer individual all-ages, couples, family, and LGBTQIA+ counseling.

Check Out a Few of Our Services:

Abuse issues


Adjustment problems of the elderly

Anger management


Chronic pain

Cognitive behavioral therapy for depression


Developing skillful means to respond to life’s difficulties effectively

EMDR for post-traumatic stress disorder

Grief, loss, and adjustment issues



Professional Counseling Offices has changed to being completely technology based for appointment reminders. Clients will be notified by text or email for their upcoming appointments and NOT by phone any longer. If you have questions or need to reschedule an appointment, please contact your individual therapist by going to their webpage. If you are a new client you can message the therapist you are interested in meeting with to see if they are accepting new clients. 

Note: Clients are still able to meet with their therapist in person at our current address or by phone or video if need be. Reminder phone calls will be by text or email moving forward.